The Dennis Jernigan Podcast

The Puzzle - Live The Adventure

October 17, 2022

Dennis shares the story behind his latest children's book, The Puzzle. It is Book Three in The Bairns of Bren series. His grandchildren are the heroes of the story and their quest? To piece together the puzzles of their own lives while trying to piece together the puzzle of the spell cast upon their grandfather. They find themselves transported into the magical realm of Bren and are faced with the evil sorcerer, Sepeleo Parkinson. It is an allegorical way of teaching his grandchildren how to respond to his real-life battle with Parkinson's Disease. This book will go a long way in helping children understand how to face the sometimes harsh realities of life with hope and a positive attitude.

The Puzzle is available in both ebook and paperback format at  

Book One is called Hide and Seek. Book Two is called The Light Eater. To get all three books in this ongoing series, go to

The song, Live The Adventure, is from the three book series called The Chronicles of Bren. Find our more about this series at

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